April 27, 1998

Front Page

Resident wants to brighten, spruce up Kenmore

  by Northlake News staff

   KENMORE--Before Kenmore's interim City Council is sworn in, a long-time resident wants to spruce up the streets. Jan Allot, who has lived in Kenmore for almost 40 years, hopes to beautify the new city by hanging flower baskets along Bothell Way and putting out flags that would whip in the May breezes off Lake Washington. "It's one of those things we've talked about--beautifying Kenmore--but haven't done," Allot said last week. She said the city is asleep and a little color will wake folks up. The city's first council will be sworn in May 8.
   To brighten the streets will require some help, supplies and a little cash. Allot said flower pots, geraniums and other flowers and materials would need to be purchased for the project. The baskets would be hung from the existing Kenmore community signposts along Bothell Way. Some posts might have to be washed and painted. Allot hopes to find local coffee klatches or a garden club to help her. "Let's get this started," she urged.
   By residents showing their pride, she hoped that businesses would also join in by sweeping their porches and sidewalks. Allot is also arranging for some old flags to be brought out of storage and unfurled. After Bothell Way, crews could sharpen up 68th Ave. N.E. as well as towards Bothell, she said. Allot said Kenmore has grown quite a bit since she and her ex-husband moved here in 1959. Anyone interested in helping Allot brighten Kenmore up can reach her at 486-2036.