April 27, 1998

Valley Special

Engagement: Rausch - Kristiansen

 Read about this August wedding.

Sno-Valley Seniors

 Plan on attending the Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers game. Find out when.

Recycling days set

 Get rid of those recyclables that have been cluttering your house and garage.

Tai Chi at Fit Happens!

 These Tai Chi classes will feature a gentle physical and mental warmup, visualization and breathing exercises, and the Tai Chi routine.

Fire Commission Board member appointed

 She says her desire is to offer her talents and expertise to the community.

Minutia in grand scale at Gardens and SunSpaces

 Seven artists will be featured in this exhibit entitled Georgia O and Other Explosions.

Valley Calendar

 Meetings, meetings, meetings.

Around the Valley

 Events upcoming in the Snoqualmie Valley