April 27, 1998


Minutia in grand scale at Gardens and SunSpaces

  DUVALL--Georgia O and Other Explosions, an art exhibit celebrating minutia in grand scale, will open Sunday, May 3, at Gardens and SunSpaces Gallery, 15611 Main St. Featured will be seven artists, including Allene Soshea, Monroe, and Judy Dahlberg, Marysville, both of whom captivate, then explode the color and detail of fine botanic forms onto painted canvas.
   Jean Bradbury, Duvall, portrays the mundane of a young mother's life with precision, humor and clear understanding, both of her oil-paint medium and her subject matter. Her paintings are of large proportion, with each canvas reaching as much as 5X5 feet, reminding one of the never ending mountains of laundry to do in one's life.
   Mary Taylor, Mt. Vernon, unites found objects and historic household items into exaggerated sculpted forms for the garden. Her sunflowers and columbine cups tower overhead, or explode onto screens and trellises.
   Dean Petaja, Salt Lake City, sculpts vases, urns and bird baths in dramatic, compelling metal forms.
   Pam Sinclair-Nixon, Olympia, is a regional artist who sculpts dramatic forms from sea life, each done in ocean scale.
   Lenore Kobayashi, Woodinville, will, as always, bring her exotic creations to take your breath away. The show will run from May 3 to June 7. The gallery is open daily from 10-5.