May 4, 1998


Local family in crisis

  I am writing this letter on behalf of a family that I am sponsoring. This family went into crisis about six weeks ago when the father became suddenly and seriously ill. Finally he went into the hospital and when the doctors thought the procedures and medications he received would help him to recover, they released him. But only days later he was worse. When he re-entered the hospital and further procedures and treatments did not help, the doctors decided to do major surgery to remove the lump from his lung that had grown from the size of a golf ball to the size of a grapefruit. He has lost 50 pounds and was only of average stature to begin with. The mass fortunately was benign, and he should completely recover in an estimated time of two months.
   This family has exhausted all of their resources. His wife, until now , has been a stay-at-home mom with an infant and another child. They have not received a pay check for about one month and do not expect to receive one for two more months. They do not qualify for disability or any funds that would help them from the numerous resources we have checked, primarily because the father is still employed and expects to return to work. This family seems to fall between the cracks of our existing social systems.
   I have opened a benevolent fund at Washington Mutual Bank under the name "Daddy's Fund." Our goal is to raise $5,000 for this family to prevent them from going so far into financial debt that it takes them years to recover. I am writing this letter to ask families, churches and organizations that are able to open their hearts to this family and help in any way possible. Anyone can deposit funds directly into the account or contact The Woodinville Weekly to reach me for other donations.
   This is such a reminder to so many of us that we are only an illness, surgery or car accident away from living this tragedy ourselves. Please support this worthy cause. Thank you for your kindness.
   Sponsor for the "Daddy's Fund"