May 4, 1998


Explanations, apologies should be made

  Carnation has been having troubled times and it saddens me. When they asked for time to look into things, I thought that was fair enough. Now two weeks have run into two months. It is time for answers. Some of us campaigned for Jack Stein, gave him our full support. It worked; he won both elections. Three months into his second term, he resigned. The word came through someone else. I think he owes us an explanation, perhaps an explanation of all charges, who made them, the disposition of them and the current standing of Sloan and Otness. It was said that Otness was not charged with anything. Why was he suspended and released from his duties? Perhaps an apology is due there, too. This should clear the air and make way for a fresh start. If it didn't matter so much, I wouldn't be writing.
   Marguerite Ensley, Carnation