May 4, 1998


Become involved in Fire District 45

  King County Fire District 45 is facing several difficult decisions in the near future. We are not special in this regard, as many fire departments are struggling to find a path through the new safety regulations established at the state legislative level. It is not easy for any fire department, whether it is all-career, all-volunteer or a combination. We all get our budgets from taxes paid by the citizens we serve. Here we have a fire department that strives to serve the community by combining paid and volunteer fire fighters to provide the community with good and cost efficient services.
   We would like to encourage people to learn for themselves what issues the fire district is facing and what options are available to meet the needs of this community. The Fire District 45 Commissioners have indicated it will be necessary to raise your taxes, although they have not taken any formal action to start this process. There are alternatives to this, such as not hiring another chief officer and/or consolidating services with another fire department. The commissioners have decided to test for another chief officer, even after a majority of the volunteer and career fire fighters submitted a letter asking the commisioners to re-think their priorities.
   If the public does not take an interest, soon the options may be severely limited and raising taxes may be necessary. Become involved now. Learn what is happening with your emergency services. It will allow you to make informed choices. Also, you will be able to give input before it's too late. The best way to do this is to attend the Fire District Commissioners meetings. The next meeting is Monday, May 11 at 6:45 p.m. Normally meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 6:45 p.m. Meetings are at the main fire station in Duvall, located at 1st Ave. NE and NE Stella St.
   The Fire District 45 fire fighters of IAFF Local 2878