May 4, 1998


A peek at the Spanish American War

  When nearing the shore of Cuba, the army officer told a writer on board he'd have to be sworn in as an officer to replace the one who didn't show. "I never even fired a rifle. I don't know a thing about the army nor how to act as an officer. I only write articles," he complained. Made no difference. The ship's captain gave him the oath as an army officer. The saga continues.

Giving what they can of themselves

  Camp Orkila bonds kids and makes them want to give back when they get older. Perhaps this explains why even the Brannen's youngest son is involved with the program.

On The Road with Carol - TEST DRIVE - 1998 ISUZU HOMBRE XS 4x4

  During a short stop at the Woodinville Farmer's Market, several people commented that they liked the look of the truck. See for yourself.