May 4, 1998

Local News

Thieves hit Country Village watch dealer for $655

  Although there have been problems with teenage thieves in the past, the owner doesn't think it was a novice thief this time. Find out why.

Police beat

  Someone is suspected of purposely backing his truck over a child's bike at Westview Gardens. Find out what else has been happening.

DeYoung Park to be dedicated

  Park benches await pedestrians out for strolls.

Traffic advisory

 Find out about road improvements that could affect your daily travel.

Sims recommends building northern treatment plant

  Reporters probing Sims for details on a rumored list of potential sites for the 50-acre facility didn't get far. "We have not predetermined where we want to go," said Sims. Still, a Woodinville Water District document said the Wellington Hills Golf Course in Woodinville was being considered. And Snohomish County officials said sites near Bothell were possibilities. Find out the details.

Water chief applauds Sims

  Bob Bandarra, Woodinville Water District manager, called King County Executive Ron Sims' plan to set aside $20 million to study water reuse the "right thing to do."

Battle of the Bands

  High school musicians, win a 45-minute live set at Ground Zero, $100 cash, a $50 gift certificate to Cellophane Square records and a chance to play at Bumbershoot this summer.

Bothell council expected to finalize public safety building plans

  No decision at press-time. Review what is under consideration.

Woodinville Unincorporated Area Council movement to continue

  "In unincorporated areas where the community is silent, the squeaky wheel usually gets results. The value of the UAC is the community empowers itself," said Sims.

50th Wedding Anniversary

  Gardening and world travel spice up this couple's life.

Seniors celebrate 14th anniversary

  Look who was at the party.

Wedding announcement: Zeutschel - McDonald

  See what's become of these two Woodinville grads.

Wastemobile to visit LFP Towne Centre

  Lake Forest Park gets to visit the wastemobile.