May 4, 1998

Local News

Woodinville Unincorporated Area Council movement to continue


Residents and county officials discuss a new UAR last week.

  The development of a Woodinville Unincorporated Area Council (UAC) was discussed at a community meeting last Thursday evening at Cottage Lake Elementary and a decision to further pursue its formation was made. The proposed boundaries of the City of Woodinville, King County Line, Ring Hill to the Woodinville-Redmond Road as far as NE124th will be evaluated.
   Ron Sims, King County Executive, and Louise Miller, King County Councilchair both spoke in favor of the formation of the UAC which would provide an opportunity for citizens living within specified, unincorporated Woodinville boundaries to organize and act as a unified voice to King County Government. Representatives from three other King County UAC organizations addressed the group, describing their experiences with the UAC: Don Stone, West Hill; Everett Wilcock, Four Creeks, and Jake Jacobovitch Vashon-Maury Island.
   "The idea for the UAC originated in the legislature in 1994. Councilmembers come and go and some are proactive. Citizens are there for the long haul and bring the issues forward," Miller said. There are currently five official UACs are operating in King County: Vashon-Maury Island which started as a community group in 1940, West Hill, North Highline, Four Creeks and Greater Maple Valley. "The UAC provides a formal basis for discussing problems, methods of input, compromises and solutions," said Wilcock. "We invite the community to participate," said Stone. "Our mission is to keep our community rural and have our business community thrive," said Jacobovitch.
   Concerns about the formation of a Woodinville UAC were raised by Steve Gallagher, president of The Hollywood Hill Association which was legally incorporated as a non-profit in the late 1970s. Two other residents, John Blanchard and Jim Lane spoke in favor of exploring the UAC, stating that they presently had no known representation. "I am concerned about the boundaries being so large that the representation is too scattered and not close enough to the community," Gallagher said.
   "In unincorporated areas where the community is silent the squeaky wheel usually gets results. The value of the UAC is the community empowers itself," said Sims.
   Geoff Groff-Smith and Nancy Stafford of the Cottage Lake Area Council chaired the meeting. Bong Santo Domingo of the King County's Department of Community & Human Services who has been working on Woodinville's proposed UAC was introduced.