May 4, 1998

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June opening planned for Valley Trail bridge


  Andrew Walgamott/staff photo

Crews carefully placed two huge concrete girders on the abutments for the Woodinville Valley Trail bridge near Redhook Brewery last Wednesday morning. The job took several hours and required two cranes, one on each side of the Sammamish River, to lift the 109,000 pound beams into position. It was the biggest part of the project that will eventually give Sammamish Valley Trail users safer access to the west side of Woodinville's Tourist District, Lane Youngblood, Woodinville Parks Director, said. The city will celebrate the bridge's opening May 29 at 3 p.m. on 'Ride to Work Day.' Youngblood said the trail would open in early June. The girders took eight and a half hours to truck in from Spokane, according to driver Ronald Kloth.