May 4, 1998

Front Page

Pursuing excellence at Tolt Middle School


Photo by Helen Mellor

Mrs. Short's 8th grade third period science class in action.

     by Helen Mellor, PTSA Chairperson
   Special to the Valley View

   In recognition of this week's annual Staff Appreciation, Tolt Middle School is reporting its progress to the community with a few of the recent highlights:

   Competitive Achievements
   Tolt's 8th grade CTBS overall test score is among the top four percentile in the state.
   On Feb. 28, Mrs. Cruz and Mr. Ables' six-member team out-performed the other nine regional middle schools by winning 1st place in the mind stimulating tournament of the 1998 Knowledge Bowl.
   Directed by Mrs. Weyrick, the advanced bands earned the highest rating of Superior on Mar. 17, at the Sno-King Large Group Festival, for the second year in a row.
   Teams of six members each from Mr. Klune's and Ms. Anderson's multi-age classes brought home second and third places on Mar. 27, from the King County regional tournament of the Odyssey of the Mind.
   Mr. Christensen and Mr. Garcia's Wrestling Team produced three champions in the Foothills League and 11 members ranking in the top five at the tournament on Jan. 22 and 23.
   Coached by Mr. Christensen, Keegan Grady, an 8th grader, will compete in the state level competition of the National Geography Bee later this month.
   Community Involvement
   Mr. Saulman's science class is teaming up with Washington Trout, a statewide nonprofit group working toward fish enhancement in the northwest, in a stream restoration project of Weiss Creek. The students will help to monitor and collect data on the water quality and other in-depth studies including salmon spawning, over the next few years.
   A King 5 Weather Station was installed on the campus in January, 1997, putting Carnation on the weather map.
   Ms. Byram is marking her retirement in June after 30 years of service in Riverview School District, by donating numerous sports memorabilia to the Tolt Historical Society.
   Students in Ms. Emery's Art Club are creating parade masks for Duvall Days.
   Ms. Argue's Ethnic Dance Club learned and shared folkdances form Europe, the USA and Latin America, with the Carnation Girl Scouts, in March.
   Modernization of the campus is in full swing. Upon completion, the buildings will be equipped with seismic codes, new pitched roofs, windows and walls, handicap accessible bathrooms and a new science lab.
   A whopping 26 percent of the total student body (180 out of 700) is perfecting instrumental skills in band.
   Twenty 8th graders and one 7th grader are working toward high school credit in Mr. Haury's geometry class.
   General and Field Trips
   The 7th graders of Team Orca organized a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Parker, the science teacher, in March. Curtis Allen Parker, Jr. was born on April 10 and Mrs. Parker showed him off the following week at school.
   Team Orca students experienced the magic of "Nutcracker" at the State Opera House in December.
   During the February mid-winter break, 18 of the 8th graders enhanced their knowledge of Canada on a trip to Victoria, B.C.
   In preparation for the winter concert, themed "American Music," the band was treated to "Show Boat" at the Paramount Theatre in October.
   Fifty-five 6th graders of Team Cougars will gain direct exposure to the northwest Native American culture and the history of Puget Sound at Tillicum Village on May 20.
   To celebrate their hard work and commitment to excellence, the Tolt PTSA will present to the school a 16" X 20" group portrait of the staff, taken by NW All Sports Photography on May 4. The staff was also treated to a breakfast of muffins, bagels and cream cheese and fruit on May 4. Lasagna and sub sandwich lunch with the usual side dishes and dessert are planned for May 6 and 8. Redmond Albertson's donated three decorated double-layered cakes.