May 4, 1998


Beanie Babies stolen

   On April 15, just before noon, Duvall police were dispatched to a theft at a Main Street business. Someone had broken into a cabinet at the back of the store and had stolen 18 Beanie Babies. There was a report that the Beanie Babies may have been resold in Monroe. Officers are investigating.
   In other Duvall police news:
   On April 16, a burglar, in an unsuccessful attempt to gain entrance to a house on Miller Street, left a tool just inside the house. Police lifted fingerprints which are being analyzed.
   On April 17, a vandal spray-painted a stripe on a Main Street church's van and punctured two of its tires.
   On April 24, a fight broke out at a local business. The suspects, who left before police arrived, have been identified and charges have been filed with the local prosecutor.
   On April 26, officers were sent to a found property complaint on the Cherry Valley Road. They were given a day planner that had been found in the woods just outside the city of Granite Falls. Other personal property had been left in the woods. Officers contacted the Snohomish County Sheriff to secure the other property. Duvall officers are still investigating to determine the whereabouts of the owner.