May 4, 1998


Duvall Civic Club works for community

     by Tove Burhen
   Special to the Valley View

   Sometimes it is amazing what a few dedicated people can do! The Duvall Civic Club's record of giving to the community continues to benefit the library and other local organizations. Through their fund-raising efforts, the club has worked to provide library service from 1929, when there was no local library, and since then to help as a Friends of the Library group.
   During the latest expansion of the library, the club gave $14,000 toward construction and $5,876 for furnishings, supplies and landscaping. They continue to fund children and adult programs at the library, donating $2,975 in the past few years. Members also interact with the library by working as volunteers, and the professional staff of the library are active members of the club.
   Area schools also are the beneficiaries of the funds raised; over $1,700 has gone for books for their libraries and their reading programs. Members have enjoyed visiting the schools during their book award programs.
   In addition to libraries, the Civic Club has generously given to other community needs. In the past decade, $2,800 has been given as scholarships to graduating seniors from the area's high school, Christmas Family Baskets has received $2,550, the Sno-Valley Seniors Fund has been the beneficiary of $1,000 and and the Eastman-Rush Foundation another $1,000.
   The ASAP Program and the Duvall Youth Center each received $500, and $600 was given to Sno-Valley Children's Services. The Historical Society is using their recent $150 donation to fill Treasure Boxes with antique items for school classes to enjoy. In May, the Civic Club will work many hours setting up their annual plant sale, their major fund-raiser for the year. As many gardeners in the area know, there are a variety of plants available at reasonable costs. And now the purchasers can know that their money goes to many worthwhile causes.
   Founded in 1929, the Civic Club was created to help with Depression Era community needs. The collection of books for a library and then constructing a library building were first tasks. That 32' X 42' wooden building still constitutes part of the front section of the present building. In the past 60 years, as the population grew from 75 to over 3,000, the library expanded, both in circulation and building extensions, the building belonging to the city and the library a part of the King County Library System.
   The first library was described as "a warm and cozy place with a potbellied stove and a couch for a comfortable reading place." Today it is still a popular place for the citizens of Duvall and the surrounding area. The Duvall Civic Club is proud to be a Friends of the Library organization. The Civic Club is still a "warm" place and they invite interested people in visiting or joining a worthwhile group, the members of which know how to be of help and also how to have fun. It is still a sociable Society. Meetings are at 11 a.m. first Thursdays in the Rose Room of the Duvall Library. For more information, inquire at the library or call 425-788-2466.