May 11, 1998


Life style, beauty of area is threatened

  Please be alerted, there is a potential threat to the beauty, spaciousness and equestrian life style we all enjoy in this unique area. A new proposal by King County called the "transfer of development rights program" is being decided upon on June 1. If adopted, this proposal will allow certain properties on Hollywood Hill to exchange the development rights with another parcel to gain the ability to build two homes per five acres.
   The second parcel whose rights were exchanged for this would be preserved for wildlife habitat and historic landmarks. I stress that this is geared towards people who own two pieces of property. For more detailed information on TDR call 205-9275.
   Although this does not sound all that threatening on paper, what it means is that an additional 132 homes could be potentially built in the Hollywood Hill area. The impact would be felt with an increase in traffic, further impending road conditions for horseback riders and a general change to a life style that attracted most of us to this area in the first place. It is my belief that this area has been developed to its furthest potential without risking the loss of our spacious equestrian-friendly community.
   I emphasize that timing is crucial; we have less than thirty days before this decision is put into the hands of the King County Council. If you agree that TDR's negative impact on the hill would change the essence of our life-styles please get involved by voicing your opinion. Please write to the following addresses by June 1. Attn: Louise Miller, King County Council, King County Courthouse, 516 Third Avenue #1200, Seattle, WA 98104-3272; or Attn: Connie L. Blumen, Dept. of Natural Resources, 506 Second Avenue, Ste 720, Seattle, WA 98104
   Concerned home owner