May 11, 1998


To move or not to move

  I feel it is wrong for King County Housing Authority to call up and tell me that I finally reached the top of the list for subsidized housing, tell me to get rid of my cat, give me the address of the new apartment in Woodinville, had me call to arrange financial assistance with moving costs and start packing for a move by the first week of May, '98. And then, on April 29 call and tell me that everything is on hold because they forgot to complete a background check, and that it could possibly be a couple more months before I could move.
   I am a disabled single father. Where do they think I have the time to be packing and un-packing at their whim, let alone the physical ability to do so. Where is the respect for my dignity? Having me borrow money, and then having to explain to the lender I don't need it yet. Like everyone has time to run to the bank when housing authority should have completed a simple background check during the two years I waited on the list.
   Can they un-notify my current landlord? Do they have that authority? What am I going to do? Am I guilty of something until they prove me innocent? I filled out the forms. I told the truth. I have a need. I have never been convicted of a felony. I have nothing in my background what-so-ever, anywhere, that would disqualify me for subsidized housing. They called and put me and my son into "MOVING MODE." They should be held responsible for carrying through on everything I was told. It is unconstitutional to hold a man disqualified until you prove his criminal innocence. This is against everything our country stands for.
   Jonathan M. Graves, Duvall