May 11, 1998


There are some really nice people out there

  On Tuesday, May 5, I walked out to my car, anxious to see if I was able to drive, having had total right knee replacement surgery 5 1/2 weeks earlier. I got in and was pleased to discover I could use the gas pedal and brake, so I wanted to go to a supermarket to buy much needed groceries. But, the car was so dusty and dirty I didn't want to drive it anywhere. So I stopped at a filling station to inquire if there is a car wash in Woodinville (I moved here a few months ago.)
   The station employee told me there is one over near the McLendon's Hardware Store (Splash N Dash Car Wash). I drove there and found all the booths are do-it-yourself. I hesitated as I wasn't dressed in clothes to wash the car, but decided to go ahead. I got out of the car with dollar bills in my hand and looked for the money changer. A young man approached and asked if he could help, and I said I was looking for the bill changer.
   He said he'd get the quarters for me, and when he returned he gave them to me, then said, "I'll wash it for you." I was very grateful and thanked him. I asked his name and he said "Frank." He was evidently the manager. He wouldn't take my money. There are some really nice people in the world.
   Marjorie Hamilton, Woodinville