May 11, 1998


Many thanks to everyone who supported Monroe Public Schools' levies

  My sincere appreciation to the hundreds of volunteers who performed countless tasks in support of our requests and to the members of Citizens for Monroe Public Schools who worked tirelessly to ensure Monroe students have the opportunity for a full education. Public education is the backbone of our country. Some politicians say it takes a village to raise a child. As superintendent of Monroe Public Schools I know it takes a supportive community to have strong public schools.
   As we look to the future of public education in Monroe, we know our students will need to meet higher learning standards, be equipped to function in a technological world and have the ability to adapt to rapid change. Your support of Monroe Public Schools provides the opportunity for our students to attain the skills necessary to excel. All of us in the public school system sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to your continued involvement in our schools.
   Bill Prenevost, Superintendent, Monroe Public Schools