May 11, 1998


Support for K-9 unit appreciated

  It is an honor to serve as Snohomish County Sheriff. Countless times I have asked for your assistance and many of you have "answered the call." Someone has always been there, whether it has been as a volunteer, a reserve deputy,a memb er of a partnership committee, or to accompany me to the County Council to address our staffing needs. No matter what the request, energetic, positive, caring people have stood with the Sheriff's Office and me.
   Snohomish County is fortunate to have many wonderful people who really care about their communities. During a period when we are doubting some of our national leadership, we are truly blessed in this county with citizens who know how to be positive leaders. The most recent example of this leadership has been the outpouring of community assistance for our K-9 Unit. The tremendous response of cards, letters and monetary donations following the sudden loss of K-9 Deputy Recon has lifted the spirits of every member of the Sheriff's Office.
   You have given us, once again, renewed faith and the will to serve this community even better. It is because of your support that a new K-9 Deputy has been purchased and already is well into his extensive training. I am so proud to be able to serve as your Sheriff. My congratulations to all of you. To all the students and younger children, 4-H organizations, Whidbey Kennel Club, Carol Flynn White, The Book Works and other businesses in Marysville, and to the hundreds of people who sent their kind thoughts, I want to say thank you. I extend my deep appreciation also to the media who were understanding, sensitive and very helpful to the "Pennies for Puppies" program. You all deserve recognition and I am indebted to you forever. We could not do the job we are sworn to do without such an outstanding group of citizens pointing the way.
   Snohomish County is a special place to live because so many people call it home. Every day that I go to work I rediscover this fact. I have lived in this county for almost 45 years and have great childhood memories. I can now expand my memory bank to include even more wonderful memories, thanks to all of you!
   Rick Bart, Snohomish County Sheriff