May 11, 1998


Now is the time to continue support for public education

  Citizens for Monroe Public Schools thank everyone who rang doorbells, licked envelopes, addressed postcards, made phone calls and waved signs in support of the recent Monroe Public Schools' levies. We would not have been successful without each and every one of our volunteers. Parents, business owners, teachers, students, administrators, bus drivers, local government officials, educational assistants, local property owners and secretaries came together in a wonderful team effort to make sure our children have the tools they need to be successful.
   A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to cast their vote in support of our local public schools. These were not just issues about money. They were issues about children and the future of our country. Public school support reaches far beyond the families with children in school. It impacts the safety and economy of our region as well as the future of our society.
   Now we need to keep the momentum going. Citizens for Monroe Public Schools invites all those supporters to join us as we continue to support public education for the community's next generation. Please call 668-8109 to find out how you can be involved.
   Julie Cavassa and Tracy Daugherty, Co-Chairs
   Citizens for Monroe Public Schools