May 11, 1998


Community Calendar

calendar  There is a "Taking Charge" class this week at Lake Washington Technical College. Find out what else is being offered.

At the Library

library events  The Kenmore Library has a program entitled Travel for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities. Read all about it.

Northshore Senior Activities

senior activities Employment opportunity to supplement income for handyman, caregiver, yardwork, housekeeping, plus miscellaneous jobs through Northshore Senior Center. Find out more.

Domestic Violence exhibit at Evergreen

  Don't miss this exhibit entitled Silent Witness.

MMR immunizations for fifth graders

  There will be a free measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) immunization clinic for fifth graders living in the Northshore school district.

Bothell Rec. Events

  Have you heard about the teen auto show?

Career fair at WHS

  Students will have the opportunity to sit in on three 40-minute presentations from over 60 professionals.

Cottage Lake Elementary celebrates school's 40th birthday

  The school is searching for past staff and alumni that have been a part of Cottage Lake Elementary history to come and help celebrate.

Spring Small Farm Fair

  Do you know where to find the best horse trails? Read on.