May 11, 1998


1998 Duvall Days Country Living Grand Marshals: Bill and Judi Chapman


The 1998 Grand Marshals for the Duvall Days Country Living Parade Bill and Judi Chapman.

  Bill and Judi Chapman have been named 1998 Duvall Days Country Living Parade Grand Marshals. The couple were selected by the Chamber of Commerce for their volunteer work with the community. Bill has played Santa for four years at the library, Sno-Valley Senior Center and various Valley businesses, and has spent many afternoons taking seniors to medical appointments. Judi has volunteered as a clerk for the Duvall police department and has answered letters to Santa. For two years they both chaired the door-to-door contribution drive for the American Heart Association.
   Bill and Judi have been married 10 years. They met in the Duvall Post Office where she was working. As Judi tells it, Bill, who she vaguely knew, came up to her as she was filling the mail boxes and gave her a big kiss, saying, "Thank you, I didn't get any bills today." Shortly after that, Judi said, they went on a date and spent the entire time telling each other why they wouldn't ever get married again. Four months later, they were married.
   Both have children from their previous marriages. Judi has a son, daughter-in-law and grandson and a daughter, all of whom live on the Eastside. Bill retired in 1984 after spending 26 years in Germany as a contracting officer with the Armed Forces PX. He moved to San Francisco, then to Duvall to be close to his son, Mike, and daughter-in-law Sharon. Mike and Sharon have since moved to Redmond, but their marine electronic equipment business is still located in Duvall. They have two children. Bill also has a daughter and granddaughter in Germany. His daughter Elke is an orthodontist in Munich.
   Judi worked in the Woodinville Post Office before moving to the Duvall office. She still works for the Postal Service but commutes to the Queen Anne District facility where she works in quality improvement.
   "We were bowled over when we heard we were going to be Grand Marshals," Judi said. "It is really great. Bill is so excited."