May 11, 1998


The 23rd Annual Duvall Days: Saturday & Sunday, May 16 - 17, 1998

Special events
   * 5K Fun Run
   * Kid's Parade
   * Grande Parade
   * Craft & Street Fair
   * Food Court
   * Hydro Races
   * Entertainment
   * Cow Pie Bingo
   * Frog Jumping Contest
   * Benefit Aerobathon
   * Firefighters' Challenge
   * Kids' Soft Rides & Games
   * Tae Kwon Do & Tai Chi Demonstrations
   * 38th Annual Firefighters' Sunday Pancake Breakfast
   * Fireworks at Dusk Saturday Night
   Duvall Days is co-sponsored by the Duvall Chamber of Commerce and the City of Duvall
   8:00 5K Fun Run Registration, Snoqualmie River Road
   9:00 5K Fun Run
   9:00 Main Street Closed
   9:00 Street Fair Opens, Main Street
   11:00 Kids' Parade & Grande Parade, Main Street
   11:00 Food Court, Brown Avenue
   Noon Mended Heart Band, Country Gospel, Main Street Stage
   12:30 Announcements & Parade Awards, Main Street Grandstand
   12:45 Circuit Riders Band Entertainment, Main Street Stage
   1:00 Fit Happens! Aerobics Demonstration, Main Street Grandstand
   1:00 Hydro Races, Lake Loutsis, Big Rock Road
   1:00 Branded Rock Band Entertainment, Rutledge Parking Lot
   1:00 Firefighters' Challenge, Family Grocer Parking Lot
   1:15 TJ's Dance Studio Demonstration, Main Street Grandstand
   1:30 Tae Kwon Do Demonstration, Main Street Grandstand
   1:45 Frog Jumping Contest Registration, Front of Main Street Grandstand
   2:00 Teen Missions International Auction, Main Street Stage
   2:00 Cedarcrest High School Cheerleaders, Main Street Grandstand
   2:15 TJ's Dance Demo, Main Street Grandstand
   2:30 Tai Chi Demonstration, Steve Sherman, Main Street Grandstand
   2:30 Wayne Barne's Band, Main Street Stage
   2:45 Frog Jumping Contest, Main Street Grandstand
   3:00 Fit Happens! Aerobathon, Town Center Parking Lot
   3:00 Branded Entertainment, Rutledge Parking Lot
   4:30 Booths Close
   5:00 Street Re-opens
   Dusk Fireworks, View from Cherry Valley Elementary School or from the parking area of the Cherry Valley Hunting Area off Hwy. 203 just north of town
   7-2 38th Annual Duvall Firefighters' Pancake Breakfast, Duvall Fire Hall, 1st and Stella
   9-5 Arts & Crafts Fair, Coast to Coast Parking Lot
   Noon Hydro Races, Lake Loutsis, Big rock Road
   12:30 Cow Pie Bingo Finals, 1st and Stella
   3:00 Celebrity Hydro Races, Lake Loutsis, Big Rock Road