May 18, 1998


Some services are now missing in Woodinville

  In the ten years that I have lived in Woodinville, there was always a level of service provided by King County using our hard-earned tax dollar. It seems that some of those services are no longer provided by our incorporated City of Woodinville. I have noticed for about three years, if not more, that there has been no weed abatement provided to the streets in our community. Under King County jurisdiction, they were very prompt about performing this service, and it was provided community-wide, not just on the main thoroughfares.
   So, what has happened? Maybe it is an over-sight, but I think not. It should be quite noticeable that once you get to the outskirts of incorporated Woodinville, you see that ditches and thoroughfares are already treated and dead. At the very least, one would think the fire department would notice, since they never miss even the minutest detail when it comes to preventing a hazard to the community. So what is Woodinville doing this year? Maybe saving for that Rainy-Day-Fund?
   I believe the signs that some homeowners place in their ditches claiming that "Owner will maintain," are probably not necessary anymore, since we all have had to maintain our own easements for years now. I have come in contact with residents who claim they are tired of paying higher taxes for less service. I was loading groceries at a local store and heard two people complaining that they are tired of paying whatever level of taxes they are currently paying. All were planning to move out-of-the-area.
   So was it a good idea to remain under King County rule? Well, I wouldn't base it on the lack of weed abatement, but it is an indicator. This problem, accelerated community development, a two-four percent Utilities Tax, and city employee unhappiness and turn-over, certainly lead me to believe that after over five years, we have opened a pandora's box of sorts. Only time will tell.
   Don Schneider, past Woodinville City Council member