May 18, 1998


Newly elected Kenmore Council members are excellent

  I wish to thank the Northlake News for its coverage of the Kenmore interim city council elections. I also wish to thank all those who voted for me in Position 6. Even though I did not win the election, (I lost by 45 votes) I wish my opponent the best, as well as the other elected council members, as they establish the new city of Kenmore.
   Politics being what they are, I'm sure that there will be some concerns expressed by the citizens. However, my experience in working with the 14 candidates over the past four months has been rewarding. They all have the best interest of Kenmore at heart and the seven elected are excellent representatives.
   As the new city of Kenmore is established, I hope that interested citizens will be participating in the various committees and boards that are necessary to make the city function well.
   Lyle D. Sellards, Candidate for Position 6