May 18, 1998


Sports teams are suffering

  I am writing this letter because I am very frustrated as a student athlete at Timbercrest Junior High. The school year is almost complete, and our facilities are not yet finished. The process of completing all the facilities at our new school seems to be taking too long. This makes many of our sports teams suffer. The boys' tennis team had no courts to play on during their entire season. Our girls' softball team had the same experience with no fields. Our basketball and volleyball teams had no lines on their secondary courts for practice. This process has become all too familiar and truly hurts the pride and performance of our student athletes. Even at the end of the school year, the sports teams are suffering. Our boys' and girls' track teams were very ill prepared for our first track meet. Our field event "jumpers" had no runways or jumping pits. We are half way through the track season and have yet to be able to practice the jumping events properly. I don't understand why the facilities are not complete when there are only 28 more days of school left. I am disappointed in our school and school district for having treated this with indifference and delay.
   Karen Griego, Freshman Athlete, Timbercrest Junior High