May 18, 1998


Lack of sports facility is causing problems

  My name is Gemma Underwood, a current student at Cedarcrest High School. I am writing you this letter in a plea to win your votes in the next election for the proposed athletic facilities at Cedarcrest High School. As I'm sure you all know, this vote has failed twice in the past year, but students are still hoping for another chance for the plans to go ahead. When the school was built it was not given the opportunity to have such facilities. However, it has now become clear that we are very much in need of them.
   Athletes who participate in after-school activities are beginning to notice the increasing problems that arise due to lack of these amenities. Practicing for their sport is difficult. The teams and individuals often have to travel to other schools, such as Woodinville and Tolt, in order to use their grounds and/or equipment. Cedarcrest constantly has to rely on other schools for athletic help. Transport to reach these places is often hard to find and it is very time consuming to travel to them. If the school could have their own sports stadium then they could have a more independent athletic organization.
   The lack of these facilities is also becoming a problem that is resulting in injuries for many student athletes. Without a suitable area to practice in, the students are running and training on a variety of surfaces. Exercising on concrete, for example, is very hard on the legs. As a committeed member of the Red Wolves track team this year, I have noticed that numerous students have had to take periods of rest from this sport due to shin splints and other injuries relating to practicing on such surfaces.
   If Cedarcrest could have their own place to practice, much less injury would occur. Not having sufficient athletic amenities is a large organizational issue when other schools expect Cedarcrest to have "home" games or meets. Once again Cedarcrest must rely on other schools to hold these events on their grounds. The athletes and coaches would find it much easier if we could hold these affairs at Cedarcrest.
   I understand that many people do not want to pay the extra tax money that would be needed in order for the stadium to be built. However, if the next vote wins, our local community would be able to enjoy and benefit from the use of Cedarcrest's sports facilities on weekends and on weeknights. If the plans for these sports facilities do go ahead after the next vote, Cedarcrest will eventually have the chance to be independent in competitive sports.
   The school and its students would benefit a great deal from having a stadium. I hope this information has convinced you that Cedarcrest really does need your vote. Hopefully, with your help, the Red Wolves will literally be able to have some "home" victories in the future.
   Gemma Underwood, Duvall