May 18, 1998

Local News

Assault suspect bites police car, rearrested

  When he was removed from the police car, deputies found he'd bitten out sections of the door panel.

Boyfriend crashes truck; girlfriend arrested

  It wasn't a good week for a 19-year-old Marysville woman.

Police beat

  Police called the apartment blocks a "one-stop shopping mall" for thieves.

Bargain movies raise $7,250 for teens

 According to Freeman Fisher, Cineplex vice president of public relations, more than 15,000 tickets were sold for the two-day event. "We've never had an attendance like that for the promotional opening of a theater."

State announces summer projects

  Fasten your seat belts. Among the 158 projects taking place statewide this year are several in Northshore and the Lower Snoqualmie Valley. Find out places to avoid.

Science nerd speaks

  Attend this talk on the Bible and science.

Teen Northshore Auto Show

  Approximately 20 local teens competed for cash prizes at the Teen Northshore Auto Show last Saturday in Bothell. Find out who the winners were.

DeYoung Park dedication

  Someone is enjoying the park. Have a look.

Kenmore chooses Northlake News as official paper

  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Woodinville Fire and Life Safety news

  "This is a great shift from the previous operating method, and I think the public in general will be very happy that we start doing things this way."

Citizens' Advisory Council sets agenda

  Discussion revealed that some portions of the budget appear to be overly detailed, while others were too generalized. It was decided to offer the Citizens' Advisory Council's services in helping make the budget proposals more easily understood to the citizens of the community. Smith accepted the offer and stated that he would advise his managers to begin preparing their proposals about a month earlier than usual this year.

Windermere seeks projects

  Windermere is searching for local volunteer projects for the 1998 Community Service Day, June 19. Have any ideas?

Literacy Council needs tutors

  With more than 107,000 Eastside adults who are functionally illiterate, the Eastside Literacy Council in the Snoqualmie Valley needs volunteers to work with adults on reading skills.

Engagements and Weddings: Larsen - Solberg

  Following their wedding, this couple will reside in Columbus, Ohio.

Orchestra needs string players

  The Eastside Symphony Orchestra is looking for violin, viola and cello players. Interested?