May 18, 1998

Local News

Woodinville Fire and Life Safety news

New replacement policy adopted

by Al Hooper

   On Tuesday May 5, the Board of Commissioners for the Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District approved a new policy regarding the filling of vacant positions on the Board. Commissioner Dave Callon asked the three other commissioners present, Chairman Frank Peep and Commissioners Dave Osgood and Ed Anderson to vote for the new policy which would require the Board to openly advertise to the general public for applicants to submit their resumes to the District whenever a position opens up.
   Further, he asked that the advertising begin as soon as the Chairperson has received a resignation letter from a commissioner, and that it not be delayed until the Board has formally accepted the letter at its next public meeting.Osgood noted the good intentions of Callon's motion, and stated, "This is a great shift from the previous operating method, and I think the public in general will be very happy that we start doing things this way." The policy was adopted unanimously.
   Bureau staffing
   Deputy Chief Ed Nelson submitted a proposal prepared by the absent Chief Steve Smith concerning the staffing requirements of the Fire Prevention Bureau. The Board approved and accepted Smith's proposal to reduce the number of man-hours shifted from the headquarters staff to bureau staff. Starting in May, only eight man-hours will be shifted, with a review of the results scheduled for the end of July.
   Education policy
   The district's attorney, Clark Snure, submitted a draft proposal for an Educational Benefits Policy. The Board has made the topic a high priority item in order to round out the coverage of all of the district's employees. Callon asked that the proposed policy be modified to name those positions to be covered, that approval for reimbursement be obtained from the Chief prior to taking any classes and that a specific maximum dollar limit be included. After some discussion as to the amount, the motion passed on a 4-0 vote.
   The commissioners normally meet at 6 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the District Headquarters, located at 19900 144th Ave NE. They can be reached via voice mail at 425-483-2131.