May 18, 1998

Local News

Citizens' Advisory Council sets agenda

  Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District's Citizens' Advisory Council met on April 23 to set an agenda for some of its future activities. Councilors Kevin Coughlin, Al Hooper and Jim McNerney, Chief Steve Smith, Commissioners Ed Anderson and Tim Osgood, and guests Sheryl Anderson and Clint Olson attended the meeting. Foremost on Council President Coughlin's mind was finding a way in which the CAC could assist the district in preparation of the annual operating budget and its presentation to the public.
   He noted that last year he observed many more citizens taking part in the budget hearings than in previous years, and that a smoother process was needed. He first proposed that the CAC act as hosts at one or more "introductory" meetings between district personnel and the general public. At the end of a long discussion, it was decided that the CAC would host at least two meetings in October.
   At each of those meetings, budget managers would make proposals and receive feedback on what the public thought. Further discussion revealed that some portions of the budget appear to be overly detailed, while others were too generalized. It was decided to offer the CAC's services in helping make the budget proposals more easily understood to the citizens of the community. Smith accepted the offer and stated that he would advise his managers to begin preparing their proposals about a month earlier than usual this year.
   After a lengthy and detailed discussion on this and other related topics, Hooper reminded the others present that the council still had an opening for a citizen who lives in the City of Woodinville and noted for those present that Olson filled that requirement nicely. Coughlin asked Olson if he would like to be a member of the Citizens' Advisory Council and Olson said yes He was voted in unanimously.
   The next meeting of the CAC will be held in late May or early June, depending on the schedules of several district personnel who will be invited to attend. It will deal, for the most part, with the upcoming Disaster Preparedness Drill that will be conducted this summer. For further information on the exact date and time, call Kevin Coughlin at 425-788-3326 (evenings) or Al Hooper at 425-844-3811 (anytime). All CAC meetings are open to the public and are usually held at Headquarters Station 31, 19900 144th Ave NE, Woodinville. Call 425-483-2131 for directions.