May 18, 1998

Front Page

Bothell teen wins Teen Northshore Auto Show

 See a couple of the winning cars.

Kenmore's interim City Council gets to work

 The council's first official business was to elect a mayor. They chose Jack Crawford, a retired navy commander. Dick Taylor, a former principal, is deputy mayor. Find out what else was decided.

Alex Sidie Day

 A reception will be held for the nominees and winners of the Random Acts of Kindness award. Get the details.

A moo-ving sight

 The cows enjoyed this sight. Maybe you will too.

Kenmore Junior High scores at History Day competition

 These awards represent Kenmore Junior High's best showing to date in the History Day competition after four years of participation. Learn the names of the winners.

Upcoming blood drives in Bothell

 Donors are encouraged to eat a full meal and drink plenty of fluids before giving blood. Find out where you can donate.

Adult/pediatric CPR

 This is a class that everyone should take.