May 18, 1998


Northshore Scholarship Foundation winners

  The 1998 Northshore Scholarship Foundation recipients were announced at the 14th annual Scholarship Recognition Breakfast May 19. The foundation is a cooperative effort by the Northshore Rotary, Northshore Kiwanis and Woodinvilld Rotary Clubs. The scholarship program is designed to aid high school graduates and residents whose homes are located in the Northshore School District. The Foundation awarded 50 scholarship awards totaling $48,500. The newest was the J.R. Suarez Inspiration Award and Scholarship established this year by family and friends of the Inglemoor graduate who lost his life a year ago in a swimming accident.
   The winners were:
   Woodinville High School: Erick Bukovinsky-Woodinville Rotary Club Leadership/Service; Carrisa Brey, Craig Miller-Woodinville Rotary Club Academic; Andrew Dawe-Frank Lowe Memorial; Halle Showalter-Anna Ferguson Cowles Special Education; Jonathan Villalobos-Les & Vista Anderson Vocational Studies
   Secondary Alternative School: Autumn Cagle, Mica Crisp-Woodinville Rotary-Northshore Rotary S.A.S. Awards; Becky MacLearn-Les & Vista Anderson Vocational Studies; Anderson Renewal Scholarships; Jeremy Paulus, Spokane Community College; Zachary Adams, Lake Washington Voc-Tech College; Eric Palacpac, Lake Washington Voc-Tech College; Felicity Abeyta, Shoreline Community College; John Wennberg, Shoreline Community College; Ryan Middleton, Bellevue Community College.
   Bothell High School: Rebekka Sjoquist-Les & Vista Anderson Vocational Studies, Richard A. Hart Memorial, Harkonen-BHS Faculty Scholarship; Justin Jacobs-Malinowski Northshore Communications Scholarship; Nicole McCain, Eric Mildes-Northshore Rotary Club Academic; Sarah Hooper-Knoll/Worthington Business Scholarship; Katie Minetti-Vern & Lois Keener Memorial; Trisha Baker-Betty Stoutenburg Art; Jeff Rice-R.C. Worthington Jr. Citizenship Award; Siri Anderson, Henry Pelto, Bree Morgan-Northshore Kiwanis Club Academic; Alison Rickey-Blakely-Love Superintendent's Merit Scholarship; Shannon Fritzke-Nick Jewett Baseball/Softball Scholarship.
   Inglemoor High School Alisha Griffith-Steven Haynes Fine Arts Scholarship; Nathaniel Thompson, Jessica White-Northshore Rotary Club Academic; Tyler Rhoades-Inglemoor Scholarship in memory of Jeannie Quackenbush, Gregerson-Berg, Bobby Nachtsheim; Aanya Benton, Megan Davis, Sara Ann St. Clair-Northshore Kiwanis Club Academic; Kimberly Richards, Emily Dean-J.P. Hennessey Memorial Music Scholarship; Melissa Dellino, Jason Korneliussen-Malinowski-Northshore Communications; Jesse Cesaro-Les & Vista Anderson Vocational Studies; Josh Oncken-Pop Keeney Athletic Memorial; Aanya Benton, Terry Lin, Jake Nordquist, Beinna Vartanian-J.R. Suarez Inspiration Awards; Brenda Lee-Worthington/Knoll Business Scholarship.