May 18, 1998

Front Page

Country living, Duvall style

 After the parade, crowds dispersed to look for more activities, which included a street fair, music, the frog jumping contest, Firefighters' Challenge, demonstrations, cow pie bingo, food and more food.

Growth Management Board dismisses gravel pit appeal

 Want to fight city hall? Or county government? A persistent group of Valley residents could write the book on it.

City to hold meeting on artesian well

 For decades, rural dwellers have relied on this well when their own water sources go dry in the summer. Many of them have shallow wells or no wells at all. They come with tanks on their trucks, daily or weekly, depending on the need.

A moo-ving sight

 A group of dairy heifers stared at sections of a house that went by their pasture on the River Road west of Duvall last Friday. Maybe you'd like to have a look too.

Work begins on Dougherty House

 Volunteers are needed for a work party that is scheduled for Thursday, May 21. Can you help?