May 18, 1998

Front Page

City to hold meeting on artesian well

  DUVALL--For almost two years the city has threatened to shut off the artesian well at Taylor's Landing for liability reasons. During that time, meetings with Water District 119, city officials, residents and King County Council members have failed to produce any realistic alternatives for those who depend on the well for their water. Hopes that Water District 119 would erect a standpipe that would take the place of the artesian well have evaporated.
   The Water District has said the Mountain View area will be annexed into the district at a cost of about $1.5 million. But that fails to solve the problems of residents who live elsewhere. For decades, rural dwellers have relied on the well when their own water sources go dry in the summer. Many of them have shallow wells or no wells at all. They come with tanks on their trucks, daily or weekly, depending on the need.
   City officials claim the containers may be part of the problem, since the city has no way of knowing whether or not they (the containers) are clean. Officials say that puts the city at risk for lawsuits. Now the city wants to cap the well in June, but before doing that, a meeting will be held on May 26, 7 p.m. at Cedarcrest High School in Duvall. "The general consensus is to shut the well down," said City Director Jim Bourasa. "But first we want to hear what people and Water District 119 have to say."