Northwest NEWS

May 25, 1998


Cooperation could lead to new sports facility in Valley

  Cedarcrest High School in Duvall is trying to acquire a sports facility. A proposal has been put on the ballot several times, and each time it has failed. I think it would be wise to have Carnation, Duvall and the Riverview school districts make an agreement to build a sports facility that all the communities could use. This way athletes from the Valley could have a decent facility.
   Having the proper facilities would prevent injuries especially for the track athletes. Tolt's track in Carnation is uneven and full of holes. With the condition of Tolt's track, it is very easy for an athlete to fall and injure something in practice.To build the sports facility would raise taxes, but I think it's worth it to prevent injuries from occurring.
   Also, sports are something productive students can do after school. I think if the sports facility were planned with only one field per sport, it would be the least expensive option and still be fairly beneficial to the athletes. If Carnation, Duvall, and the Riverview school districts planned the facility together, then all the athletes from the communites could use it.
   In order to keep athletes healthy and uninjured, they need to have proper facilities. The community as a whole needs to figure out a way to build a sports facility. This might prevent injuries from major to minor.
   Jodi Sprague, Carnation