Northwest NEWS

May 25, 1998


On The Road with Carol



   The 1998 Hyundai Accent GSI is a practical and affordable 4-passenger subcompact. The Accent's styling features a sporty rounded body with an soft aerodynamic look and a back spoiler close to the body. The halogen headlamps are flush on the front end.
   With the air conditioning, pop-up moonroof, carpeted floor mats and mud guards, the Accent is priced at $12,253. Without those features the price is $10,699. I found the car to have adequate power and provide a pleasant, comfortable drive. The 1.5-liter 4-cyclinder engine produces 92 horsepower at 5500 rpm. It has a distributor-less ignition and self-adjusting values. The 5-speed transmission is standard. An automatic transmission is also available. It has power assisted front disc brakes.
   All cars have something unique. The one thing I really liked on the Accent was the back window wiper with a soap feature. Great for the rainy days. It is snap to pull in and out of parking spaces. The seats are basic but comfortable. The console has the controls for the front power windows.
   There is a 60/40 rear seat split. The side pockets are small but adequate for maps. There are dual airbags and front and rear crumple zones. The fuel release button is under the front seat. The AM/FM cassette is standard.
   Cost: $12,253
   * 1.5 Liter 12-V SOHC MPI: engine
   * 5-speed manual: transmission
   * Manual Pop-Up: Moonroof
   Gas Mileage
   CITY: 28
   HIGHWAY: 36