Northwest NEWS

May 25, 1998

Front Page

Bothell welcomes new colleges

 Bothell Mayor Debbie Treen joined by UW/Bothell Dean Norman Rose and Cascadia President David Habura pulled a cord in unison that unfurled a purple, green, blue and white banner to reveal the message, Bothell Celebrates Co-location. "I want to point out to the press that we are all pulling together," Habura noted in light of recent rumors of dissension between the UW, Cascadia and the state.

Kenmore City Council's second meeting produces proclamation and resolutions

 The last agenda item dealt with the important area of land use and management. Greg Dohrn, community development director, addressed a concern expressed by some residents at the first meeting regarding a proposed development on NE 171st Street.

Bothell park bond falls short

 Mayor Debbie Treen termed the failure "a setback for Bothell Parks," but said there was no immediate impact to the department other than on morale. She said she would be suggesting the City Council conduct a survey of Bothell residents. "This is the third failure. What was missing? Why do we miss 60 percent every time?"

Bothell Rec activities

 "Sh..Sh..Sh..Don't Tell Them It's Science" will be held on Mondays from beginning June 1.