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May 25, 1998

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Students view DUI accident simulation


Lisa Allen/ Valley View

After cutting back the top of a wrecked car during an accident simulation, aid crews prepare to remove one of the "victims" (Cedarcrest senior Kris Korshaven).

  by Lisa Allen
Valley View Editor

   DUVALL--A DUI accident simulation staged in the parking lot of Cedarcrest High School last week by the local fire department was so realistic that one of the students who was watching it passed out cold. Other students, looking somber, also seemed to find the grim scene tough to watch, with its two simulated fatalities and multiple injuries, including an arm amputation.
   Woodinville Fire and Life Safety Officer Dave Leggett described the scene to the students. "A mother and son, driving on 150th, were hit by a pickup driven by an intoxicated teenage girl who ran a stop sign," he said. In the pickup cab with the driver was another student, who was injured. Two other girls were riding in the pickup bed. Both girls in the back were ejected from the pickup, said Leggett. One of them lay motionless on the pavement.
   "As you can see, this one is dead--the other victim is receiving CPR, but she is dying," Leggett told the students. "The other three will be transported to the hospital." The mother and son, played by Julie and Kris Korshaven, were "trapped" in their car and had to wait for aid crews to cut the roof off so they could be extricated. The classmates watched as the uninjured driver of the pickup, played by fellow student Jenifer Witherbee, was given a road sobriety test, then handcuffed and placed in the back seat of a police car.
   "I know what goes on at school after someone is killed in an accident--the candlelight vigils," Leggett said. "I want you to know there are choices besides drinking and driving." The students, all juniors and seniors, appeared thoughtful afterwards. "It has quite an impact," said Cedarcrest junior Donald Lousberg, who said he doesn't drink, noting that some close friends were in a bad accident last year. "Knowing people who have been in accidents makes the biggest impact," he said. Lousberg's friend, Carrie Fredrickson, also a junior, echoed his sentiments. "It makes you think, do you touch the bottle?"
   Last week's DUI simulation is the ninth presentation to the high school by the local firefighters, said event coordinator Stu Rowe, of Duvall-King County Fire District 45. "We want to thank C & F Auto Wrecking for donating the cars, and also Duvall Police, Woodinville Fire and Fire District 10 for participating," he said. Leggett noted the scene was "about as realistic as we can make it without seeing the real thing."