Northwest NEWS

May 25, 1998


Ban on fireworks considered

  by Barbara Sullivan
Contributing writer

   DUVALL--Duvall-King County Fire District 45 will follow the lead of the county when it comes to the sale of fireworks, Acting Fire Chief Bud Backer told the council at its May 14 meeting. "If King County bans fireworks, we should, too--if the county doesn't pass the ban, Duvall shouldn't. What we don't want is to be a small pocket that allows and attracts (out-of-town) folks for fireworks," he said.
   Currently the ordinance supports one day use, but no sales in town. Last week, King County Executive Ron Sims submitted a measure to the County Council which would ban fireworks in unincorporated King County. The proposal prohibits the individual sale, possession or use of fireworks, except for fireworks displays. It would not affect this year's celebrations.
   At the Duvall council meeting, Liz Lisicich of Pyrodyne American Corporation (which works with and represents over 200 individual operators of fireworks stands) gave some reasons why the proposed ban on sales was not a good idea for the community. 'We know that fireworks, if misused, will cause a problem," she said. "Fireworks bought off the (Indian) reservation are even more dangerous and powerful. Fireworks can be a positive, not a takes time, but it works."
   Lisicich stressed that money from the sales could be going to benefit the local Little League teams, etc., rather than to the reservation or out-of-town operator, which brings no monetary benefit to Duvall. Mayor Glen Kuntz likewise spoke in favor of allowing the fireworks locally. "Let the Little League have an opportunity to make a can go a mile out of town to get them (now)."
   Kuntz proposed a committee with himself, Neal Coy, police Chief Glenn Merryman, a rep from the fire district, Lisicich and Ken Spence (a local citizen also against any proposed ban) to research the issue and make a decision in time for the July 4 sales.
   In other council business:
   Historical Society member Ray Burhen complimented the Public Works crew for the work at the Dougherty Farmstead. He thanked Public Works Director John Light and Mike Fisher and their crew for their support and said the city "should be congratulated on such a dedicated crew." Work included redoing the parking lot, cutting grass, clearing brush and debris and graveling the drive.