Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


Thoughts on the admissions tax

  Thank God I live on Hollywood Hill and am not within the city limits of Woodinville because I don't have to pay a utility tax like the other good citizens of the city. I will, however, be paying an admissions tax because we will be taking advantage of the new Woodinville Cineplex Odeon theaters.
   Now, I read that the City Council in all their innate wisdom is considering applying the admissions tax to Ste. Michelle, Redhook and Columbia Winery, because they all sponsor special events which attract a large number of tax paying citizens. And the city needs money for parks and who knows what else. Of course it doesn't matter that the proceeds from these events are generally donated to charitable organizations, and it doesn't matter that all of these businesses are parks as they are situated on properties that utilize a lot of open space.
   The only difference is that if they were city parks you'd probably have to pay to get in, but these firms let you on their grounds for nothing. It looks to me like the City Council is not able to think very clearly.
   Roger Rettig, Woodinville