Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


Solution to terrorism is easier said than done

  I have been researching the effects and possible solutions of terrorism and while looking through an Opposing Viewpoints book I discovered an article written by Netanyahu in 1986. In it he talks about how he believes that if political, economic and military pressures are applied, terrorist groups should eventually become nonexistent.
   He sounded very definite and sure of what he was saying. I just recently read an article which seems to show that his beliefs have been changing in the past twelve years. I personally do not think that terrorism can be completely eliminated, and I thought it was interesting that he thought that it could be. Maybe he's realizing now that it may not be that easy now that he is part of the group trying to solve the problem of terrorism. I guess it's easier said that done.
   Kim Sklar-Fowler, via email