Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


'Little boxes ... all look just the same'

  It is about time that we eliminated the tacky small town look of quaint individual looking shops in Woodinville (Letter to the Editor, 5/26/98-re: repainting planters to restore beauty.) We need to enforce sameness. Not only do we need to have all our signs in our town look alike (dark background with light lettering,) but heaven forbid that anyone would want their business to stand out by painting their planter to match their business colors.
   The wonderful cold look of main street with the new metal-front buildings is exactly what this town needs. Now we should adopt a town song, and I am nominating Roger Miller's "Little Boxes." Some of the words are as follows: "Little boxes, little boxes and they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same."
   Kathy Gordon, Woodinville