Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


Duvall Days celebration should follow theme

  I tip my hat to the Duvall Days committee. I have lived in this area since I left the army in 1970 and have participated in Duvall Days and even won a blue ribbon.
   Duvall is an agricultural community, and the theme for Duvall Days is 'Country Living.' I agree that we are a bedroom community to Seattle, but that is as close as we want to be, and we want to keep it that way. A parade full of fire engines and aid trucks with sirens blaring and diesel smoke spewing is not what I call staying with our theme.
   In the future, I would like to stay with the designated theme and teach a little history about our community. In the past we had milking contests, plowing matches and play days. What happened to those features? Everyone enjoyed them, making those celebrations outstanding.The 1998 Duvall Days Celebration was an embarrassment.
   A.J. Cruce, Woodinville