Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on the admissions tax

 It looks to me like the City Council is not able to think very clearly.

'Little boxes ... all look just the same'

 The wonderful cold look of main street with the new metal-front buildings is exactly what this town needs.

WHS drama department taking the high road to Scotland

 Along with the honor comes the challenge to raise funds for this event. Each participant and chaperon needs to raise $3,300 plus airfare to and from New York to attend.

Heart-felt support appreciated

 The result was over $4,000 raised in one day!

Restrooms in new theater are inconvenient and misplaced

 Oh well, Bella Botega and Redmond Town Center aren't all that much farther.

Thank you for helping meet goal

 Aerobathon participation yielded $$$ for Duvall Emergency Fund.

Duvall Days celebration should follow theme

 In the future, I would like to stay with the designated theme and teach a little history about our community. The 1998 Duvall Days Celebration was an embarrassment.

What's wrong with our kids?

 We don't need more gun control, more jails, more policemen, more laws. We need to get back to the children. We need to get back to family. We need to get back to God.

Don't stand by and let flim-flam artists destroy our way of life

 Novelty Neighbors need our support because this issue is not over yet. Slowly, insidiously, implacably, the forces of greed are hard at work in our valley. But those who would profit most from the new Safeway shopping centers and the gravel pits won't be setting up living quarters anywhere nearby. No. With their tidy little bundles, they'll be tucking themselves as far away from the noise and traffic as they can, so they may enjoy the solace and green glory they're so willing to deny the rest.

Solution to terrorism is easier said than done

 I personally do not think that terrorism can be completely eliminated, and I thought it was interesting that Netanyahu thought that it could be. Maybe he's realizing now that it may not be that easy now that he is part of the group trying to solve the problem of terrorism.

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