Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


Audition call for August performance


Well-known actress Peg Phillips is the artistic director for the Woodinville Repertory Theater and their August performance of "I Hate Hamlet."

  Auditions for three men and three women will be held June 13 and June 14 for I Hate Hamlet, a two-act comedy by Paul Rudnick to be produced by the Woodinville Repertory Theater in August.
   Auditions for the following roles are open to everyone interested in performing: Felicia Dantine, a real-estate agent, 30-40-ish, mezzo voice, imposing with Brooklyn accent; Andrew Rally, TV series star, late 20's early 30's, handsome with charming, self-assured manner; Dierdre Mc Davey, actress, 20's, attractive, enthusiastic, romantic; Lillian Troy, talent agent, 70's, no-nonsense, overbearing, German accent; John Barrymore, ghost of the actor, late 30's to 50's, dashing, rakish, very theatrical; Gary Peter Lefkowitz, LA television director-producer, 30's, casual-chic, crass, a deal-maker.
   Those wishing to audition need to bring a resume and head shot, and come prepared to perform two 2-minute monologues of contrasting styles. Audition dates are by appointment on Saturday, June 13 starting at 10 a.m. and Sunday, June 14 starting at 11 a.m. Callback will be on Thursday, June 18 at 6 p.m.
   I Hate Hamlet will launch the first season for the new Woodinville Repertory Theater, founded by actress Peg Phillips. The play will be directed by Hjalmer Anderson, Woodinville High School drama director. The producer is Brady Reed and the artistic director is Peg Phillips.
   The two week performance dates are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 13 through August 16 and August 20 through August 23, 1998 at the Leota Jr. High Theater. Tickets for the performance are available at $12 each, $10 for students and seniors. The first two tickets were purchased by Kathleen McConaha-Orr. She and her husband, Alan, live in Woodinville with their two sons, Brian and Darren Orr. Call 425-481-8502 to make an appointment for auditions and to inquire about tickets.