Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998


Honor for war service pleases me

  by Oscar Roloff

   Governor Locke has appointed my niece Rene Roloff Ewing to the committee to help select state veterans to be given a prominent marker to be installed in the World War II Memorial on the Capitol Campus in Olympia in recognition of their contributions to the war effort, both at home and abroad which secured our freedom. Was pleased she selected me and my brother Ray to be given recognition. I conned him to go into the Navy with me.
   Her first name, Rene, was picked when she was born because I was then going with a gal in Australia with that name. I wrote the gal and it pleased her. However, it didn't please her when I decided I'd not marry her. Cost a lot of dough to send her to the U.S. on a first class passenger ship. She didn't care for steerage. Particular, I guess.
   Nearly forgot. Rene's pop was my brother Milton, now deceased and her mom is Marjorie Roloff of Walnut Crick, California. Boy, do those California postal people get upset when they see their big city referred to as a little crick. That's the title I use when I address envelopes.
   Years ago my doctor, who reads my zany articles, said, "Mr. Roloff, keep up the screwy way you write and you'll outlive us all.
& I wonder if my niece will show this to Governor Locke? He may say, Is he a kin of yours? What war was he in and what side was he on?

   Editor's Note: A tile, reading "Oscar Samuel Roloff, Pearl Harbor Survivor," will be among those permanently installed in the World War II Memorial.