Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998

Front Page

Art with pizza-zz

 Members of the Cedarcrest Art Club recently painted a facsimile of a living room, complete with fireplace, easy chair, bookcase and cat, on a wall in Charlie's Pizza. Have a look.

Duvall's artesian well to close after new hookups completed

 "Get together and form a plan and we're willing to listen," Malcolm Harris, water district attorney said to the well-users. "You must get yourselves organized and petition. We can only respond to petitions."

City will drop two charges against Sloan

 City Attorney Scott Snyder said the city also would consider what he described as a "narrowing" of the charge that Sloan falsified or provided misleading reports after he had an opportunity to depose the former officer.

Two projects to begin on Tolt River

 Peak construction traffic is estimated to be 100 round trips to the site per day, with concrete trucks running every 10-15 minutes during morning hours. Seattle Public Utilities engineer Elizabeth Kelly encouraged residents to call 206-386-9779 if they observe unsafe driving practices related to the construction.