Northwest NEWS

June 1, 1998

Front Page

City will drop two charges against Sloan

  by Jane McClure
Contributing writer

   CARNATION--The city intends to drop charges that former police Officer Frank Sloan falsely identified himself as police chief to the Mukilteo Police Department and that he failed to obtain proper approval before hiring temporary officers, city attorney Scott Snyder told the Civil Service Commission last week. The decision was based on information contained in a statement from former Safety Director Gunnar Otness, the first he has given since the city began its investigation several months ago, said Snyder.
   Snyder reported that Otness had provided the city with a statement the previous week. Snyder said the city also would consider what he described as a "narrowing" of the charge that Sloan falsified or provided misleading reports after he had an opportunity to depose the former officer.
   At the meeting last week, the Carnation Civil Service Commission scheduled four, four-hour sessions in July to hear Sloan appeal his April dismissal from the police department. The commission plans to meet July 21, 22, 23, 28 and, if necessary, July 29, from 5:30-9:30 p.m. Attorneys representing the city and Sloan agreed to end the discovery phase of the appeal process by July 1, and a hold a preconference hearing on July 7. Prehearing briefs are to be filed by noon on July 17.
   In addition to the civil service appeal, Sloan also is seeking remedy through union arbitration, according to his attorney, Jerald Pearson. Teamsters Local 763 has filed a grievance regarding Sloan's termination and is conducting its own investigation into the firing. "It is our intention at this time not to eliminate any remedy," Pearson said, "but to proceed on both tracks."