Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998


YMCA builds strong kids, families, communities

I very much enjoyed your article on the Northshore Scholarship Foundation's annual Scholarship Breakfast held in May. I am always impressed by the quality of young people who emerge from our community poised for vocational and academic success during the next phase of their lives. Congratulations to these wonderful young people and to their parents and teachers.
   I often wonder how a parent can improve their chances of raising happy and successful children, and I believe I have found one of the answers. At its breakfast, the Northshore Scholarship Foundation recognized forty-four individual high school seniors and recent graduates. Fifteen of this year's recipients are currently Northshore YMCA members or have been program participants, employees or volunteers during the last year at the YMCA. That's a tremendous correlation between successful young adults and a strong community-serving organization that we should all support.
   Wow! The YMCA and the many members of this community who support its programs are really making a difference. I can't imagine another community organization that has this much impact on the lives of teenagers. Of the 44 recipients of scholarships in 1998, the YMCA has ties to 15 of them. This is just another example of how the YMCA builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities.
   Bob Russell, Board Chair, Northshore YMCA