Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998


Maybe pea patches will solve two problems

On April 8 the Sammamish Valley Grange of Woodinville passed a resolution concerning the Youth Soccer Association. This resolution states that the Sammamish Valley Grange of Woodinville will contribute $2,000 to the Northshore Youth Soccer Association to be put toward the acquisition of a soccer field not located within an Agricultural Production District. On the same date the Grange contributed $2,000 toward the legal challenge of King County's recent comp plan amendment that allows the conversion of agricultural land within the Sammamish Valley Agricultural Production District to sports fields.
   We feel that Woodinville is already in the middle of a traffic crunch without attracting another crowd with cars. Woodinville also is having a little problem getting enough farm products to their Saturday Market. Maybe, just maybe, 14 acres of pea patches could help both problems.
   Gino Giovacchini, Sammamish Valley Grange