Northwest NEWS

June 8, 1998


Politics, admissions tax, GMA

The May 25 Woodinville Weeklycontained three issues crying for response:

   1) My daughter (whose political outlook is the opposite of mine) and I agree on one thing: Dr. William Backlund is the most responsive legislator of our acquaintance. He responds by letters and phone calls, and whether or not he agrees with our positions, he takes time to really consider our views. The announced Democrat opponent for Dr. Backlund's position as state representative for the 45th District is blindly attacking a really good guy, especially when she says Dr. Backlund is "ignoring" the needs of the 45th District.
   2) If the wineries and brewery are looking for the bottom line, they'll eliminate all free public recreational uses on their grounds and go ahead and pay the proposed extension of the City of Woodinville's admission tax to their activities. A city ordinance passed awhile back that penalizes land used for public recreation. The ordinance that resulted in devaluing the Sorenson School complex by $1.4 million-could really hit those businesses where it hurts if the bottom were to drop out of the alcoholic beverages market and their properties were sold for another use.
   3) This third issue actually refers to an earlier edition of the WW. I got a call from someone who had read my letter about hastening to take advantage of the current King County law that allows RA-2.5-zoned parcels to be split into 2.5-acre parcels when the parcels are surrounded on three sides by lots smaller than five acres. (Otherwise the law will be amended to allow 2.5-acre splits only for those who have bought development rights from other landowners.) The caller had gone to the county to apply for a shortplat to divide his five acres on Hollywood Hill into two 2.5-acre lots.
   He was turned down because the county is not using the comprehensive plan policy R 207 that specifically allows what the caller wants. I am sending a copy of this letter to King County Executive Ron Sims because the caller understood Mr. Sims was responsible for the unofficial moratorium asking how his Department of Development and Environmental Services can refuse to implement a law contained in the comprehensive plan. It's important to note that pre-Growth Management Act, comprehensive plans were guidelines-post-GMA they're the law.

   Maxine Keesling, Woodinville